Break from Tutorial – Poetry & Publishing Detour

Decided to take a break from working on the Inkscape tutorial as I’ve been fighting a deliciously annoying migraine these last few days.

Been a while since I posted any poetry here, so I’ll post a few recent ones at the bottom.

I’m not really sure how much of my work I should be posting online though (I post most of mine on DeviantArt) – I’ve heard conflicting opinions on how much you should display publicly if you plan to publish anything in the future. Anyone have any experience with this?

I’ve been engrossing myself if learning about the self-publishing process after reading a blog written several months ago by James Altucher called “Why Every Entrepreneur Should Self-Publish a Book”.

Altucher’s blog got me started on researching options, % royalties depending on which sites you choose to self-publish through, and other publishing guides. Some of which I found interesting are posted below:

(lol – yes, I really did read all of these – best to get a lot of different sources of info/opinions/experiences before you ‘go for the gold’ i.m.o) 

Although I am neither a trained author or poet, artist, or entrepreneur, I started to think, “hey, this is something I can do that will allow me to personally fulfill a goal, gain legitimacy as a published author, learn more about the kindle device and publishing, amazon/creatspace, smashwords, etc.

As a bonus, since funds are limited for us at this time, if I ever could make a dollar at publishing a poetry book, then it was at least worth the attempt and the experience gained from it. Naturally, as my husband is quite the gabber when it comes to talking, blogging, and being active on bulletin boards and forums, I suggested that he might want to save his posts and tech rants and publish a small book himself.

I think another side bonus to self-publishing is content generation, which may help drive site traffic to our company site, blogs, fb, google play site, etc. Any way that we can drive SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) might just help us get the word out about what we do and what we sell (hopefully not coming across as just another spammer though – ick!).

*Android Developer KreCi did this by publishing a small how-to guide for Android developers on Amazon, on top of blogging about his process, monthly and annual income reports, and thoughts on using ad revenue generating tools such as Leadbolt.

*Fantastic information that really helped us with planning and making some decisions about our next steps. If you are a smartphone app developer just getting started, I would recommend reading his blog and reading about other people’s experiences and reports.


I haven’t quite got so far as to actually put a book together – just assembling an old-and-new collection of poems to see if I have got enough relevant material to work with that I think might be ‘self-publishing material’.  It will likely be some time before I muster up the courage to go for it, but for now, I’m intrigued enough to TRY.

Plus, it’s kind of a nice break from working directly on our business, and helps keep me sane! ❤

When that time comes, I’ll do my best to document what decisions I make, why, and the resulting outcomes (income reports, if any – lol!),  and let you other self-publishing hopefuls (perhaps as timid as I?) decide what path you want to choose.

Thanks and good luck to you too!


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The Power is out in Bellevue

Exploring styles again. This time, in the style of Dylan Thomas.

Also – true story! ^_^

The Power is out in Bellevue

The power is out in the Bellevue today
All things electronic are a blunder
No more computer games for you to play.

The sirens roar in a high pitched way,
When the lightning strikes before thunder;
The power is out in Bellevue today.

You glance out at the sky – dark gray,
Armed with a mouse and time to wonder…
-No more computer games for you to play.

Hail pings off of cars to your dismay
Your plans for the day, now torn asunder
The power is out in Bellevue today.

Oh, so desperately hoping for the sun’s ray,
Your patience begins to buckle under
No more computer games for you to play.

But you failed to ‘save’ so you must pay,
Can’t blame the lightning’s successful plunder.
The power is out in Bellevue today.
No more games for you to play.

by P.M.O./Ponix7

 Link: DeviantArt


Hola! Again!

I decided that I should try to get my ‘blog on’ and write something again. I’ve been feeling a bit of a block with writing in general, so I’m hoping to reinvigorate myself by forcing myself to get back on task before procrastination becomes a convenient excuse not to do anything.

Poetry is a passion of mine, though I have no formal training. I don’t claim to be the shizzle, but I do think that poetry is a fun way to pull thoughts and feelings outside of oneself – for the sake of both pure expression and learning about “us” – people, places, cultures, idealogies, objects, and all things that the mind can conjure up.

I’ll include a random sampling of poems I’ve written over the years – some common themes range from happy times, to humor and mischief, to sadness, and ’emo’ before the emo was cool (lol – or existed).

My other poems may be found at: under the pen name PMO or Ponix7.

Thanks and enjoy! 🙂