Playing games into the 100s

Today I read an adorable article about a woman who turned 100 years old last week.

In an article posted by the Telegraph, centenarian Kit Connell gushes over the Nintendo DS, exclaiming that “It’s absolutely super, I can’t speak highly enough of it. I don’t know what I would do without it”. She believes that the many puzzle and Brain Age type games help keep her brain active, and enhance her memory.

Kit Connell

Whether her claims are true or not, there’s something fascinating about video games when it comes to age. I find myself imagining my own old, wrinkly body, still playing the games and game systems I own today, and trying new ones as they come along (assuming I am not a vegetable or dead before I get all my gray hairs)! 🙂

So, I started this conversation about ‘age’, but I’m going to talk about some personal feelings about gaming as a female as well.

As a girl, there were many things that girls were and were not supposed to do, and  parents, teachers, and elders, seemed to find it ever so important to remind me of what my place is – a place that favors making sandwiches and child-rearing over playing games and ‘doing what boys do’. And certainly, a place where grannies didn’t play Nintendo, Atari, Sega, etc.

But with video games, the age range of game enthusiasts is growing – this video game generation has a far greater reach and lifespan than perhaps some expected; and I have been wonderfully surprised to learn of the ages and backgrounds of friends that I have played online games. Today, my circle of fellow gamers includes a more equally balanced mix of males and females and some inbetweens; of many ages, maturity levels, races, disabilities, beliefs, and income levels – a far cry from gamer demographics 15 years ago.

It is my hope that as I age, these demographics will continue to diversify until they no longer surprise people – that a ‘norm’ will be established in which even our great grandchildren will think of their video gaming great grandparents as ‘normal’ – perhaps even allowing for more understanding and appreciation of each other, and enhancing communication as well.

Anywho – I digress…although these are topics I thoroughly enjoy!

Cheers to aging with video games! ❤