Summer Mayhem, Summer Poems

It’s been an unusual summer.

Unexpected expenses come up, and there’s a lot to be done – but only 24 hours in a day; too few to be worrying about things, though the worry likes to creep in anyway. Sound like anyone else? I’ glad I’m not the only one – whew! 😉

I am altering my path again to give myself more opportunities for employment, as well as have the money to continue funding our business. No one said it would be easy but at this point, I’m still ok with that. Should everything pan out, I will be back to earning some dinero more this Fall.


So IF all goes planned, I will be enrolling in training this fall and blogging about how that goes. I will continue building my vector skills for making apps for Android and Apple, keep writing poetry for my ebook, and blogging about whatever other topics seems interesting at that time. I’m sure a little bit of that time will include Diablo 3 and Minecraft – ya know, as a stress reliever ^_^.


Although this is not a place for critique of poetry, I want to share some of the poems I’ve been working on this summer as I’ve been dealing with my own summer mayhem. I am sure scores of you have had to deal your own summer mayhem – if so, I wish you well on finding an outlet to express it as well!

Thanks and take care of yourselves! ❤




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