Busy w/Bubble Zing and Being a ‘Boss’

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Well, when you don’t have the funds – gotta improvise!

Recently we released a casual game called Bubble Zing on the Android Market (also EonEdgeStudios.com is up – but not public yet – we’ll post more soon when it is public).

Apple is still reviewing our application and submitted documents so I suppose we are back to the “hurry up and wait” game.

However, until we get some more funds, we’ll probably have to continue being a bit creative with stretching the dollar.

Bubble Zing is the first game made by myself and my husband that we felt has much greater production value than our other works so far. Although not trained, we managed to do all of the vector art ourselves (thank goodness for F/OSS like Inkscape and Gimp!). We also paid a local musician $50 for non-exclusive rights to a 42 second soundtrack he made – and I really feel like it made all the difference (thank you Dan Kramer).

B/c we offered it for free – google ads were definitely a must. Unfortunately – no admob or other advertising yet, but I think the progress we have made in 5 days hasbeen acceptable.

We are now in the 50-100 downloads range, and some of our euro buddies have agreed to help spread the word.

Further, I am researching into why our games appear to be more popular with people we didn’t know or directly market to in European countries. Right now, I’m not sure if it has to do with compatible technology, or cultural reasons that europeans are downloading our game more than americans. Either way, we are happy to have their support, and hope to be able to reach out to other countries as well.

Fortunately, the feedback has been mostly positive, and when it hasn’t – it has been brutally honest, which has allowed us to find and fix bugs right away.

On another note, every new situation is forcing me to really pick up the pace and figure out “how to be a boss” – not the kind of boss that tells people what to do per se, but the kind that is meant to inspire others, find opportunities, and lay the cards such that we have a solid foundation that is capable of growth despite possible setbacks.

Currently, my partner is the sole owner of the business officially, and I am to be officially hired as the CEO. Many people have pushed for us to be a partnership, but I’m not so sure that is the best thing for our business at this time. Without having experience, I suppose I cannot be certain if this is a good decision, but it feels right, and at the moment, will make it easier for us to take on projects and government contracts that do not require us to show who owns how much %, etc. That is another topic in itself…

So, here we are, man – woman, husband – wife duo, taking some huge risks with both our business and our relationship. Where one succeeds, the other may fail – but ya know, I think we can do it, and be victorious in both!

We are definitely a slow moving tortoise at this time, but I’m ok with that. It’s where we need to be as we figure out how to be awesome at business and awesome at life. ;-P

Of course – thanks to our friends and family, and strangers who are downloading our games from ’round the world. We couldn’t take these next steps without ya!

*Bubble Zing can be downloaded from here: [link]

*Gameplay video here: [link]

*FB page up finally!: [link]