Found this old piece I wrote during a music appreciation class in 2008. Without giving too much description of the sounds themselves, I wanted to describe a scene – or rather, an event which took place over a period of 7 weeks – attempting to summarize memories with quantifiable information.

Kinda strange re-reading old forgotten works – perhaps it’s b/c my memory isn’t that great – or perhaps I have changed in a way that makes it difficult to recognize my own thoughts on paper!

Well, whatever it is, it’s been fun digging through the old scribblings and finishing them! XD



60 pairs of boots scramble into place on the linoleum.
Echoes of angry voices bounce off of walls.
Second hand of a wall clock ticks heavily and slowly.
Angry voices chase 60 pairs of feet up metal trimmed steps.
Sirens sound every hour, fading in and fading away.
Small intercom blares Taps.
60 are nervously trembling.
Light switch clicks off.

Sheets and wool blankets rustle.
Hung canteens rattle painted steel frames.
Half of 60 plastic torches click on and off for several minutes.
Metal lockers and drawers creak and slam.
Bare feet tiptoe back to bed.
Writing utensils scribble feverishly, crinkling the loose paper on pillows.
One hour later it is quiet again.
The air conditioning kicks on, like silverware rattling in a box.
Another hour – early birds chirp sweetly.
Another hour – roaring sirens.
Another hour – Reveille plays on the ‘giant voice’.
Light clicks on.

60 are startled by heavy boots stomping up the metal trimmed stairs.
Muffled yelling through the door becomes louder and louder.
60 pairs of bare feet hit the cold linoleum floor.
60 toothbrushes scrape across teeth.
8 shower heads squeak while turned on; water splashing against cracked tiles.
11 toilets flush over and over again.
2 are pounding on the steel door,
Shouting at 60 to hurry up.
60 run to lockers – clothing rustles around hungry bodies.
Sound of old door hinge lets in the muffled angry voices, now clear and strong.
All else is inaudible for 15 minutes.

At least 5 are crying hysterically at any given moment.
The zip of hard laces through metal hooks follow.
60 pairs of boots tromp and trip downstairs, chased by the 2 angry voices.
Outside, small raindrops fall steadily on the metal and concrete roof.
60 march away on the asphalt, disappearing into the mist-lain fog.
The cycle repeats daily for 7 weeks, until the final Reveille…

60 warm coins drop into in front-left pockets.

All sixty of us sigh in unison.

PMOaka Ponix7/Pepperonymous
(original: 1May2008; updated: 21Feb2012)

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Missing Stranger

For my father, who passed away on Father’s Day, June 17, 2007 at 44 years old.

I wrote this poem months later in order to sort through my feelings about his life and death, his absence from my own life, and general confusion about how I was supposed to feel and what I should and should not do.

Today, the memories of him are all good ones . 🙂

Missing Stranger

Oh, how I searched for you,
familiar stranger,
for you captivated my heart
years ago.Oh, how it still cries for you,
sweet stranger,
reacting to fuzzy images I can’t
let go.

Oh, how angry you made me,
foolish stranger,
as I tried to make you

Oh, how lonely you must have been,
timid stranger,
for you could never reached out
your hand.

Oh, how I longed to call for you,
distant stranger,
as you let others take
your place.

Oh, how my guilted soul questions,
elusive stranger,
if too soon I gave up
the chase.

Oh, if you could feel my heart,
misguided stranger,
you’d feel only love beyond
its door.

Oh, if you could hear me,
wandering stranger,
I would call you “Daddy”
once more.

Oh, what a painful memory,
slumbering stranger,
when you passed on the ‘day
of Fathers’.

Oh, how I wish for your happiness,
eternal stranger,
and that you will one day call me

March 17, 2008

The Power is out in Bellevue

Exploring styles again. This time, in the style of Dylan Thomas.

Also – true story! ^_^

The Power is out in Bellevue

The power is out in the Bellevue today
All things electronic are a blunder
No more computer games for you to play.

The sirens roar in a high pitched way,
When the lightning strikes before thunder;
The power is out in Bellevue today.

You glance out at the sky – dark gray,
Armed with a mouse and time to wonder…
-No more computer games for you to play.

Hail pings off of cars to your dismay
Your plans for the day, now torn asunder
The power is out in Bellevue today.

Oh, so desperately hoping for the sun’s ray,
Your patience begins to buckle under
No more computer games for you to play.

But you failed to ‘save’ so you must pay,
Can’t blame the lightning’s successful plunder.
The power is out in Bellevue today.
No more games for you to play.

by P.M.O./Ponix7

 Link: DeviantArt

Playing games into the 100s

Today I read an adorable article about a woman who turned 100 years old last week.

In an article posted by the Telegraph, centenarian Kit Connell gushes over the Nintendo DS, exclaiming that “It’s absolutely super, I can’t speak highly enough of it. I don’t know what I would do without it”. She believes that the many puzzle and Brain Age type games help keep her brain active, and enhance her memory.

Kit Connell

Whether her claims are true or not, there’s something fascinating about video games when it comes to age. I find myself imagining my own old, wrinkly body, still playing the games and game systems I own today, and trying new ones as they come along (assuming I am not a vegetable or dead before I get all my gray hairs)! 🙂

So, I started this conversation about ‘age’, but I’m going to talk about some personal feelings about gaming as a female as well.

As a girl, there were many things that girls were and were not supposed to do, and  parents, teachers, and elders, seemed to find it ever so important to remind me of what my place is – a place that favors making sandwiches and child-rearing over playing games and ‘doing what boys do’. And certainly, a place where grannies didn’t play Nintendo, Atari, Sega, etc.

But with video games, the age range of game enthusiasts is growing – this video game generation has a far greater reach and lifespan than perhaps some expected; and I have been wonderfully surprised to learn of the ages and backgrounds of friends that I have played online games. Today, my circle of fellow gamers includes a more equally balanced mix of males and females and some inbetweens; of many ages, maturity levels, races, disabilities, beliefs, and income levels – a far cry from gamer demographics 15 years ago.

It is my hope that as I age, these demographics will continue to diversify until they no longer surprise people – that a ‘norm’ will be established in which even our great grandchildren will think of their video gaming great grandparents as ‘normal’ – perhaps even allowing for more understanding and appreciation of each other, and enhancing communication as well.

Anywho – I digress…although these are topics I thoroughly enjoy!

Cheers to aging with video games! ❤