“Blocks Away!” finished and lessons learned!

Woohoo! Got another app done for the Android Market!

Winter is in full force, and my husband and I are still just as unemployed as ever – which certainly has its benefits (getting to work on projects for our company) and disadvantages (making little $$ and going stir crazy cooped up indoors). I think I’ll talk more about that in a different post…

What I have enjoyed about the process of making apps for Android is that we can reuse both code and graphics from other games or projects that we have completed. Neither one of us are talented artists, so while this may not seem like a victory for some people – it is for us! 🙂

Lately, we’ve been getting quotes for vector and promo art from a variety of art studios – US and foreign. We sent them some art specs for another app we want to do, and holy moly – it can get pricey!

So far, the lowest quote we have received is at $3000 – the highest at $30000 (->the US company being the most expensive thus far).

That is one hell of a motivator to:

a) raise some dinero fast

b) learn to do as much of the art as possible myself.

On that note, I got to try my hand at some simple backgrounds for “Blocks Away!”  – not super fancy, but better than staring at a blank screen! Thank goodness for free/open source software like Inkscape and Gimp!

Lastly, after much googling and research, we realized that we needed to put ads in our games as another possible source of revenue. Since yesterday – we have made 2 cents using Admob! XD

I know I know – doesn’t sounds like much, but I think a lesson in persistence, patience, and awareness is going to help us in the long run, even if our is slow like the tortoise instead of the hare.

Anywho! So excited to have made some progress!

Shameless self-promotion bit:

Just posted up “Blocks Away!” on Android! Will be available for FREE, and should be able to download it today! XD

Direct Link: https://market.android.com/search?q=blocks+away&c=apps&start=24&num=24 


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