Hello Internetz!!

Guess it’s about time to venture into blog-o-land!

I, like many of you, are about to hop on the unemployment train come 1 January, 2012 – not by choice and not eligible for UEI. I know it’s hard to think positive during such trying times, and typically, I am a worry-wort about such prospects. I have never truly been unemployed since my first taxable job at age 15.

So here I am – starting over in a new place. I am uncomfortable, this place is unfamiliar, and the faces and roads are all new to me…

Sound like anyone else?

[looks around] Thought so! Somehow, it does feel better knowing that others are in this position too. Still, many more people have got a life far more difficult with many more burdens to bear than I – and to all, I wish you much success!

Since my spouse and partner-in-life are both about to travel the unemployment journey together, it seems like the right time to put all of our energies into our small business.

Not sure where this road will lead, but it is sure to be both exciting & frightening at the same time.

Been here too? I hope you will share your stories and experiences also! 


I haven’t quite decided how I want to organize my scribblings here, but here are topics of interest that I will be talking about soon:

1.  Business/entrepreneurial endeavors – including subtopics such as executive leadership, communication, strategy, and reflections on my experiences being a business owner of a small, independent game company.

2.  SEO, online marketing & advertising, & computer mediated communication.

3.  Game art, music, sound effects, coding.

4.  Culture and gender/sex studies as they relate to online gaming and interaction, and other random thoughts on the subject.

5.  Posts relating to personal interests and hobbies, such as poetry, anime, music, carpentry, and of course – video games! XD

Perhaps not the most exciting thing you’ll ever come across in this internet society, that is OK. For all I know, could attract the most epic trolls in existence,  some ‘passers-by’, spam-bots, ads, and probably a few solicitations for prawns (hehe)… could be fun!

Hooray for digital existence eh!?

Thanks and Happy Holidays around the world!